.Net is a Microsoft web services strategy to connect information, people, systems and devices through software .Integrated across the Microsoft platform, .NET technology provides the ability to quickly build, deploy, manage and use connected, security enhanced solutions with Web services.

.NET connected solutions enable business to integrate their systems more rapidly and in a more agile manner and help them to realize the promise of information anytime, anywhere on any device.

.NET was originally called NGWS (Next Generation Windows Services)

The Microsoft platform includes everything a business needs to develop and deploy a Web services connected IT architecture, such as, servers to host web services, development tools to create them, applications to use them, and a worldwide network of more than 35,000 Microsoft Certifies Partner Organizations to provide any help user needs.

Before the official announcement of .NET, the term NGWS was used for Microsoft's plan for producing an "Internet-based platform of next generation windows services ". The .NET framework is the infrastructure for the new Microsoft .NET platform. It is a common environment for building deploying and running web services and web applications.

.NET framework contains common class libraries like ADO.NET, ASP.NET and windows forms to provide advanced standard services that can be integrated into a variety of computer systems..NET framework is a language neutral. Currently it supports c++ , c#, Visual Basic and COBOL. Third party languages like Perl, python, Smalltalk and others will also be available for building in future.

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